Lido Italian Restaurant & Bar to open in February

By HarlemGal
Looks like the space at 2168 Frederick Douglass Blvd will continue to be an Italian restaurant based on these photos! I walked over to the corner of FDB and 117th Street this morning after a follower on Twitter was the first to tip us off last night (Friday) tweeting that a sign was up on the old Frizzante space confirming the name and opening date. Messages were later left in our feedback inbox! As always, a big Harlem thanks to those individuals that reached out to us! Keep those tips coming in!
In conclusion, Harlemites still have a restaurant on that corner. The cuisine is the same. Let’s just hope the interior and exterior changes are better managed than their predecessors! We will soon find out!
See you at Lido February 1st!

Author: Harlem Condo Life

7 thoughts on “Lido Italian Restaurant & Bar to open in February

  1. I am not sure why Guiseppe and someone using another name have posted the same bad review on every site (Urban Spoon) etc. Sounds like they have an ax to grind. I live 4 blocks from Lido and dine there once a week. I am not a friend, relative, or former employee of the owner, but the food is terrific and the service is competent.

  2. As per the owners previous places (Pinocchio on 10 Waverly and Frizzante – same address) the dishes are overpriced and the food quality is lackluster at best.
    Save your money for better places in the neighborhood that have a better track record than this one – will probably close in 6 months like the previous place.
    Any positive reviews here and elsewhere is simply the owners family putting them up – disregard.

  3. I’m glad they’re keeping a restaurant on the corner….with the opening of Lido, Harlem Tavern and Bad Horse Pizza this Spring there are going to be a lot more reasons to stay uptown this Spring. Now if only we could get a decent place for Mani/Pedi that isn’t ridiculously overpriced I’d never leave the neighborhood…

  4. I’ve peaked inside a few times, and the place looks much better than it’s predecessor. I’m seeing a new bar & booths – a great improvement from Frizzante’s ridiculously cold interior.

    I’ll give it a shot.

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