UPDATE: Lido in Harlem misses signage date, next goal to open before Valentine’s Day

By HarlemGal for HarlemCondoLife
As I approach my third year of blogging about Harlem, I am starting to learn new restaurants opening in Harlem approach deadlines similar to how I do: I will aim for a certain date and it will get done a few days after. It happens, right? As with the case with Lido Italian Restaurant and Bar, located at 2168 Frederick Douglass Blvd., who hung up a big sign recently saying “Opening February 1.” Obviously that date passed, however the objective is the same for Lido in Harlem and that is to open for business soon.

I spoke with Susannah, a Harlem resident and proprietor of Lido, and she said they are now aiming to open before Valentine’s Day where Harlemites will be able to order from a delectable, Italian menu! I was also had the opportunity to walk inside Lido (sorry no pics) and the place is coming together. It’s going to look great! The color scheme is based on light greens with white molding in select areas. The bar appeared to be concrete-like, not wooded, larger than before, and its on the left side when you walk in. Brushed silver light fixtures will illuminate the restaurant. Their website is up with limited information.

And of course, I had to ask Susannah why they named the restaurant Lido. She told me it’s named after Venice Lido in Italy, “a skinny island between the lagoon and the Adriatic, with hotels and beaches.”

So stay tuned for more info, such as who will be the chef and what will be the price point of the menu!

Have a great weekend!

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5 thoughts on “UPDATE: Lido in Harlem misses signage date, next goal to open before Valentine’s Day

  1. I must agree with Giuseppe’s review – overpriced and under quality food, poor service and a general malaise in the atmosphere.
    Should have read his review before spending my hard earned money on that poor excuse of a restaurant.
    There are better places in the neighborhood that deserve your business rather than this hole.

  2. THANK YOU for an honest review!
    I don’t know how much the owners of that place pay to get good reviews but your review really nailed it!
    TERRIBLE pasta and the polenta appetizer, that other people claim to “crave” was nothing short of cardboard!
    Burger King is better than this (and cheaper!)

  3. As per the owners previous places (Pinocchio on 10 Waverly and Frizzante – same address) the dishes are overpriced and the food quality is lackluster at best.
    Save your money for better places in the neighborhood that have a better track record than this one – will probably close in 6 months like the previous place.
    Any positive reviews here and elsewhere is simply the owners family putting them up – disregard.

  4. The door to LIDO is opened! We had dinner last night there! The food is delicious and I am going back there soon!!!

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