Harlem Condo Life reader takes on NYLean25 April challenge

We were approached recently by NYLean25 to join their program for the month of April at Twirl Fitness Lounge in Harlem. NYLean25 is a 25 minute, three times a week fat burning class. At first we thought, how nice! That’s so sweet. Then we thought, are they trying to tell us something at HCL, like winter is over get off your computer duff! Finally, we said how cool. However, we think this opportunity would be better served through the eyes of a HarlemCondoLife reader. They agreed and we immediately found a willing participant! This HCL reader, female and who asked to remain anonymous, agreed to submit diary entries and photos about her NYLean25 experience. Her other request she wants from us is to cheer her on and provide constructive feedback! I think we can help her out…si?

Dear HarlemGal,
I am tired of the Wii Fit telling me I am overweight! I work out regularly, but I HATE going to the gym! When HarlemCondoLife offered me the opportunity to join NYLean25 for the month of April, I chomped at the bit! Thanks so much!

20110404-121751.jpg I am now committed to working out with NYLean25 three times a week for one month. Each session is only 25 minutes!

This is what the program involves:
-Interval training: an exercise technique that alternates between short bursts of high intensity activity followed by short rest periods or low intensity activity. It is known to burn fat faster.

-Toning and muscle confusion to keep muscles toned and avoid plateaus.

-Good form and posture: performing exercises with the correct form increases the effectiveness of muscle toning and strength building while reducing the possibility of injury.

-A choice of 2 eating plans.

-Weekly weigh-ins and measurements.

I have a hard time with staying motivated, so being in a program that keeps me accountable for my actions is exactly what I need! I like that NYLean25 includes an excercise AND eating plan. Believe me, I know from experience that you can’t expect to see much results by doing one or the other. I arrived on my first day and got weighed, measured and had my body fat taken (ugh!).

20110404-121835.jpg Then the class began, led by the creater of NYLean25, Robert Brace, who is in the photo above. Robert is a very attractive former professional dancer with 10 years experience in the fitness industry. He has a cute British accent to boost. The class started off intense right off the bat! There was 25 minutes of push-ups, squats, cardio and ab work. I felt challenged, but not overwhelmed. I’ve taken some very intense bootcamp classes that had me dreading going back. Thankfully, I don’t feel that sense of dread with this class.

My goal for the month is to lose five pounds and maybe, just maybe, wear my bathing suit to the beach without board shorts over it!

Until next time. And wish me luck!

HCL reader committed to weight loss


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5 thoughts on “Harlem Condo Life reader takes on NYLean25 April challenge

  1. Thanks for helping to motivate everyone with your post! You show us we are not alone and have about 6 weeks to fit into our “nice weather” clothes! Love that you don’t dread the workouts but still find them challenging. Eager to see if it says that way and finding the secret to that — which is hard for me!

  2. I didn’t realize how sore I was until I took the next class! Stay tuned for my next post which talks about that!

  3. Here’s to no board shorts over your bathing suit this year!!! WOOO HOOO!!!

    Did you feel sore the next day??

  4. Good luck! This program sounds fun…and I love that it includes an eating plan, as well. Very smart. I also don’t love going to the gym, and I need things to be easy. This sounds really great.

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