Part Two: NYLean25 day two was tough at Twirl Harlem

On Monday, we told how one of our readers is taking the  NYLean25 April Challenge on behalf of  She provides her second diary entry. And based on her words, NYLean25 is getting demanding and at the same time promising.

Dear HarlemGal,
I’d like to first say a quick thanks to my fellow HCL readers for the comments they posted so far. It’s a big help to me and I want them to know it. Keep those comments coming in!

I went to my second class at NYLean25 at Twirl Lounge in Harlem. The class was so full the moved us to the Kennedy Community Center in Harlem.

Day two proved to be much harder than day one. I didn’t realize just how sore my body was until I worked it out again! This session we focused on legs, so there were lots of squats, leg lifts and all that fun stuff. Each week focuses on a different area, so one class will be legs, another will be arms, followed by core. All sessions include high intensity cardio intervals, which is no joke!

I must admit I wasn’t very good on the diet that goes along with the program for the first few days. I hadn’t gone food shopping with my work schedule packed, so I was improvising with stuff I already had. The diet consists of a high fiber, low carb breakfast, non-creamy soup and/or salad for lunch and dinner, and a healthy snack in the morning and afternoon. I finally went food shopping. Currently, I’m stocked up with the right food. I have no excuse!

NYLean25 gave me a list with nine weight loss tips.  I will share them with you throughout my diary entries.  Here is tip #1: drink a minimum of 8 glasses of COLD water a day.  You will burn around 150 calories of energy to heat the cold water to body temperature while simultaneously boosting your metabolism.  (And it’s good for your skin and hair too.) I could go for that!

More soon…

HCL reader committed to weight loss (HCL reader C2WL)


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2 thoughts on “Part Two: NYLean25 day two was tough at Twirl Harlem

  1. Hi I live in south florida and having hard time to see if any one is offering the classes in my area?

  2. I have to set up reminders to drink water during the day. I’m so bad at it!!

    I’m happy to hear/read that you are still going strong. Can’t wait for the next post.

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