Part Three: Harlem Condo Life reader drops three pounds on NYLean25 April challenge

We have another diary entry from our HCL reader, who is taking the NYLean25 April Challenge in Harlem. She has good news to report!
Dear HarlemGal,
Week one on the NYLean25 is over and I lost three lbs!  I am ecstatic!  Every Friday we get weighed in and measured at the Kennedy Community Center on 135th St in Harlem. We were at Twirl Lounge, but the class got to big so we moved to the Kennedy Community Center.

It’s very hard for me to lose any weight, so I had to do a double take at that scale.  I also lost two inches in my waist.  I thought that must have been a mistake, so I tried on a pair of jeans yesterday and noticed a difference.  I know week two is going to be a bigger challenge.   Isn’t that the infamous week on  the NBC television program called The Biggest Loser when everyone gains weight or stays the same?

I decided to hit up NYLean’s website for some more support.  The at-home workout plans are very easy to read with videos embedded in the descriptions.  The cool thing is one can actually submit a workout log to your trainer.  You can do the same with a food log.  I’ll be submitting that to my trainer Robert this week.  Let’s see what he says!  The website also has articles on fitness, recipes and a calorie counter.

By the way, I used the tip below today when I got a serious craving for some chocolate. I even went a step further and did a teeth whitening session that involves having a tray in your mouth for 40 minutes.  You can’t eat with that on!
Tip #2:  Brush your teeth or eat a mint.  If you get hungry and feel you’re going to cheat, drink a big glass of cold water and then brush your teeth.  If you aren’t in a position to brush your teeth when the craving come on, then pop a sugar-free mint or piece o mint-flavored sugar-free gum.

While doing the tip #2, think this thought: “There is no food that tastes as good as being lean feels!”

Until next time…

HCL reader C2WL

Author: Harlem Condo Life

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