Drug Shoppe PHARMACY

By HarlemHouse

Drug Shoppe Pharmacy is a reliable little store and a great alternative to Rite Aid for most items.   It is located on Frederick Douglass Blvd. between 112th and 113th street directly next door to 5 and Diamond.  They have more than you would imagine stocked on their shelves considering the limited space.  The other day I was looking around the neighborhood for a specific medical supply item for a friend and nobody had it.  Low and behold Drug Shoppe Pharmacy not only had it but in different sizes at a very low price.  Every time I pass by to pick up a quick item on my way home, the employees are very nice and it feels neighborhoodie and personable.

These smaller stores are important to support and in my opinion are very valuable.  Drug Shoppe opened eight years ago in 2003 and it is independently owned and run.  If you are not familiar with the store or you are new in the neighborhood, just pass by and pop in someday and check out what they have.  Believe me you will find something you need and at the same time you will be supporting one of the Mom & Pop stores.


Drug Shoppe Pharmacy

2074 Frederick Douglass Boulevard

(Between 112th St. and 113th St.)

Telephone # 212-222-3652

Author: harlemhouse

3 thoughts on “Drug Shoppe PHARMACY

  1. I don’t think their name is a problem, but it would be great if they could work out a way to stay open later in the day.

    And a new “see through” pull-down door would also be appreciated for when they’re not open — given the condition of the current one.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I really didn’t give much analogy to the “Drug Shoppe” title reference. But maybe they have a good explanation for this name? Like Carl the owner of 67 Orange (next door) has a specific reason for naming his bar/lounge the name “67 Orange”. If you find anything out on the Pharmacy, please let us know? HH

  3. Why “Drug Shoppe” it brings back the stigma of the days of the “Smoke Shops” . Another name is needed especially in Harlem.

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