Robert Graham funeral held

Graham PhotoBy HarlemGal

On Saturday,  a funeral was held in Los Angeles for the late Robert Graham. Graham created the Duke Ellington Memorial in Harlem, which stands 30 feet tall high with three columns topped with muses holding up a giant size figure of the musician next to a piano. You have to see it for yourself! It’s amazing to see. The sculpture is located at the cross section of 110th Street and 5th Avenue.  

For us at HarlemCondoLife, we want to thank Graham for his contribution to our community. We are forever grateful!

Read more about who attended Graham’s funeral.

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1 thought on “Robert Graham funeral held

  1. What a great photo of Robert and Anjelica. God bless him – his memory will be here forever, through his beautiful art work and his warm heart.
    He has left a huge void in our lives and his death was a tragedy. You are loved Robert.

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