Part 5: NYLean25 fitness challenge in Harlem turning out results

For the month of April, we have been hearing about the NYLean 25 fitness challenge from our HarlemCondoLife reader.  That month came and went. So what’s next? Our HCL reader tells us she has decided to extend the program into May. Let’s hear why!

Dear HarlemGal,
Since everything is going so well on the NYLean25 plan working out in Harlem, I decided to extend the program. For the last week in April, NYLean 25 founder and instructor Robert Brace wanted me to try the Turbo Diet plan. This is a fat burning diet meant for quick results.  It is designed to strip down your fat, sugar and carbohydrate intake while relying on protein to provide you with energy.

I want to tell you what the meal plan consists of and what I had to eat :

Breakfast- Egg whites or an egg white omelette for breakfast

Snack-  Tuna (no mayo) or 2% cottage cheese or turkey slices

Lunch- A salad with chicken, tofu, tuna or halibut w/ red wine vinegar as the dressing

Snack- Same as above

Dinner-   6 oz of chicken, tofu, tuna or halibut, romaine lettuce, cauliflower, cucumber and red wine vinegar

You can eat as many green vegetables as you want. Stay off the alcohol. Water is the only drink recommended, but zero sugar, zero calorie beverages are also an option.

This was no easy task. I had friends in from London and Dallas and lots of social activities planned. I even had another work event BACK at Dylan’s Candy Bar!

The only thing that has kept me going on the NYLEAN25 plan is that I have actually been seeing RESULTS!  Other people have noticed it too. So, I decided it was time to take out that box of clothes I had stashed away in the bottom of my closet with stuff that no longer fit. It felt incredible when I was able to fit into a pair of denim capris that I couldn’t come close to even buttoning last year! Some things are still tight, so I still have a way to go, but I am feeling really great about my progress!

Here is NYLean25 Weight Loss tip #4 for all you HarlemCondoLife readers:

Eat Slowly and Stop When Hunger Ceases

Eat slowly and stop when you are no longer hungry before you feel full. Savor each bite and you’ll probably feel more satisfied than if you “wolf” it down in just a few minutes. Don’t eat in front of TV or while on the computer. You should be focused on your food and listening to your body tell you its full

I will share with you my final days on NYLean 25 soon. So far, I am so glad and happy that I joined the NYLean25. Working out in Harlem has been challenge, but very rewarding.

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3 thoughts on “Part 5: NYLean25 fitness challenge in Harlem turning out results

  1. Good luck anonymous poster! Ange- I’m not continuing it into June, but I was so happy with the results, that I signed up for 18 more classes! I’ll probably resume in July. I’ll post my last post with my final results soon!

  2. I’ve been serious about working out lately. So far so good and I’m seeing/ feeling the results.

  3. That’s a great tip. I often find I’m so busy at work that I just shovel my food into my mouth and then I don’t realize that I’m stuffed until far too late.

    Will you be continuing this into June?

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