The evolution of a Harlem bodega

By Austin2Harlem
Since the beginning of April, one of my favorite Harlem bodegas has been going through a major transformation. It’s the bodega on the corner of West 112th Street and Frederick Douglass Blvd.

I spoke with the owner recently and asked “why all the changes?” He said it was time for a different look and he wanted to keep up with the changing neighborhood. From these photos, which were taken in April and May, you can see the evolution of this Harlem Bodega. One day it was boarded up and then the next thing you see is a big red sign. I like the new appearance and I’m ready for the bodega to reopen.

In addition, the owner said they plan to open in about another week with 24 hour store hours. So if you need an item after hours, this place at 2070 Frederick Douglass Blvd plans to be open!



Author: Harlem Condo Life

3 thoughts on “The evolution of a Harlem bodega

  1. This will be great. The Deli is looking good. Thanks for the info & update Austin. Will be nice to have a 24 store besides the corner gas station.

  2. Great to see that the owner is making improvements for a competitive advantage. Harlem is really blossoming into an up-and-coming neighborhood, and it’s great to hear that the businesses are following at the same pace. Thanks for sharing the photos, we wish them all the best with the remodel!

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