Coming soon, A Sea in Harlem on Saint Nicholas Avenue

By HarlemCondoLife
We were walking along St. Nicholas Avenue the other day and saw these signs that said ” A Sea in Harlem, Fish and Chips, Coming Soon,” posted on the southwest corner building located of West 113th Street and St. Nicholas. There were no other details posted on the windows. Does anyone know what’s up with this particular area? If so, do tell!



Author: Harlem Condo Life

7 thoughts on “Coming soon, A Sea in Harlem on Saint Nicholas Avenue

  1. Anon, there are plenty of nice restaurants uptown! Cedric just opened and is a wonderful spot. Of course, more are certainly welcome 🙂

    Anyone know what is up with Pink Teacup on Lenox?

  2. I’m the owner and soon means soon ! There are more things behind the scene than people realize that has to happen before you can open a place this size,so take it from the horses mouth.

  3. The signs have been up for a month or more. So “soon” appears to be a flexible concept.

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