+ Pool : An Innovative Floating Pool In The Harlem River This Summer?

Family and playLab have come up with an innovative  product design concept  to build a floating pool that sits on top of the Harlem River and uses a new filtration system to fill the pool.  They are seeking funding through a new NYC based company called Kickstarter.

Kickstarter describes themselves as the largest funding platform for creative projects in the world.  Their mission is to provide a new way to “fund & follow creativity”.

The idea is simply too cool (no pun intended) for words.  And apparently others think so too if funding acquired to date is any indication – +Pool is very close to meeting it’s goal – see below.  Additionally, anyone can pledge funds to the project.

The effort was recently featured on The Huffington Post.  More information is available in a captivating video, and in the FAQ’s below.

FAQs (Courtesy of KickStarter)

Who are the creators of + Pool?

+Pool is a product of designers Dong-Ping Wong of Family and Archie Lee Coates IV and Jeffrey Franklin of PlayLab.

When will + Pool be built?

After we test and prove the filtration we’ll go through the long and arduous process of getting the required city and state approvals. This is a large, ground-up endeavor, but we hope to start getting into the water next summer.

Can this really happen?

YES, but first things first: let’s get some filtration tested!

Can I invest in + Pool?

Of course! You can start right here at Kickstarter! We’re also looking for committed investors who can help us move ever closer towards getting this thing in the water. If you’re interested in working with us, write to info@pluspool.org.

What are your motivations for this project?

To get into the river. The project was launched with the ambition to improve the use of the city’s natural resources by providing a clean and safe way for the public to swim in New York’s waters.

Are you planning on building + Pool anywhere else?

We’d love to! Any city with a dirty body of water is a great city for + Pool. We’re just focusing on New York since a) we live here and b) it makes for an excellent testing ground. If you’re in a city that could use one, call us up!

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  1. Kickstarter featured in this post some months back is also featured in today’s New York Times magazine.

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