Harlem's Morningside Park BBQers Get a Big Belly

By HarlemGuy

Our recent post on BBQing in Morningside Park generated some heated comments (no pun intended).  I walked and biked though the Park last Sunday night and Monday and found it to be pretty clean.  I also noticed something new: Big Belly Solar Powered trash compactors.  These are popping up everywhere.  I was pleased to see them here.  These devices are in addition to the many signs, garbage cans, etc that are in the Park.     I’m hopeful that community members and visitors alike will make more of a concerted effort to work together to keep the Park clean while enjoying a real gift:  the ability to grill outdoors in a public, urban (and clean) green space.

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Author: HarlemGuy

6 thoughts on “Harlem's Morningside Park BBQers Get a Big Belly

  1. BBQing in city parks should be illegal and banned. Central Park doesn’t have this, Washington Square Park doesn’t allow it. Madison Square park doesn;t have it. Why here?

    Someone please help form a committee to ban bbqing from all Harlem Parks!

  2. It will take patience and persistence…never give up! Things are in fact changing!

  3. Morningside Park is being ruined by people bbq’ing. The police have been trying to enforce no bbq’ing on sidewalks in Harlem so probably even more people than ever are heading over to the park. I don’t know how much success the police are having banning street bbq’ing though because there were several near my apt. going on this past weekend.
    What is most galling is that many people worked so hard to make Morningside Park the beautiful place it is today and to see it trashed by the very community that is the beneficiary of it is horrible

  4. my wife says the same thing, every Monday morning when she goes to work the park is trashed and there is garbage everywhere.

  5. I just got back from walking the dog in Morningside Park (7:30am, Monday) and the park is disgusting. There is litter everywhere, broken grills leaning up against trees and coals in the sewage drains.
    I’m not opposed to people bbqing, but if they don’t clean up, it should be banned.

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