4 thoughts on “Visit The Farmers Marker in Harlem's Morningside Park This weekend!!!

  1. Heads up to those who live near Morningside Park…

    Columbia Pictures is filming “Premium Rush,” a movie about a bike messenger who finds a suspicious envelope on Columbia’s campus.

    I passed by the 116th entrance to the park on Morningside Drive today and the set looks nice.

  2. Seized appears to signify that the business is shut down, at least in this case. The notice provides details as to why. Not sure if this means the business can ever be restarted. I would presume so assuming they can clear up whatever caused the seizure. One thing is for sure. The space is proven. Someone will “seize” the opportunity. Also as requested see dictionary.com for the best definition I could find for “seized”.

  3. Wonderful new Farmer’s Market opened this Saturday July 10th in Marcus Garvey Park at the 124th and 5th Avenue entrance…fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry, nuts, flowers…..will be there every Saturday through October.

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