Harlem "Lasker Pool" in Central Park

by HarlemHouse

With this being the hottest July in years we are all running around trying to find a place to cool off.  Recently HCL posted a link Get refreshed…Harlem City Pools Now Openabout the 54 outdoor New York City swimming pools.  There are many good choices.  One in particular is the Lasker Pool which is located on the North East side of Central Park and I highly recommend it.  I’ve been swimming there for years as there is a section they have roped off where you can swim laps throughout the day.  They only close the lap lane when the pool reaches full capacity usually in mid-afternoon.  However, it is usually open.  This pool (and if you live in Halrem you already know) gets very crowded. Especially this summer when the temperature reached the triple digits around 4th of july weekend. The hours are from 11 am-3 pm (closed from 3 pm-4 pm for the Lifeguards to have their lunch break) then open again from 4 pm-7 pm daily.  Lasker Pool is open until Labor Day weekend.  Get there early as the pool has been extra crowded with the thermostat stuck in the 90’s this summer.

Note: Make sure you bring a combination lock and towel for entry.  They are very strict.  No cell phones, bags with print on them, or t-shirts with any logos or print.  Sunglasses, suntan lotion & flip flops are permitted in the pool area. The lifeguards do a good job at this pool regulating the crowd and many of them have been working there for years.

For those of you who want to swim laps before the mad rush, the pool is open for one hour in the mornings from 7:30-8:30 am.

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  1. HI Im Harlem Mermaid and swim in tail and mono fin at my local pools up in 124th E. and at 135th E pool’s what are your policys on mono fins please, wish to go there and share the mermagic with you and all the kids, i am a certified mermaid

  2. Thanks Lynn.
    Well it’s empty again now.. but it won’t be long until it is open again for the summer!

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