7 thoughts on “Citarella's Harlem Farewell

  1. I know about the lease issues but I always thought that was a horrible location for Citirella’s anyway. I don’t know if they thought they would get some Columbia U. traffic but no one walks around that area except the people from Grant projects. BestYet’s people need to be commended for finding that location….you couldn’t ask for a better one for that type of market. I agree with the above posters….Cit’s should find a more central location and they’ll be shocked by how well Cit’s might do.

  2. Yes, lease issues have been an ongoing factor since 2009. However, It did seem a little sparse with shoppers the last couple of times I was in there. Would be great if they reopen in a new location in Harlem.

  3. No, they are closing because of lease issues. There have been tons of articles about it.

  4. Totally agree, if they were more conveniently located, say somewhere in the vicinity of best yet, it would have been a smashing success.

  5. They should look into relocating to Central Harlem. It would undoubtedly be more successful there than the current location.

  6. I think its a great store but was in a bad location. If it were in Central Harlem above 125th Street I think it would have been a huge success..

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