MCMB Cleaners Still In Harlem

MCMB Cleaners

By Icare4Harlem

I remember when I first moved to Harlem, empty lots, vacant store fronts, and limited housing appeared to be the norm.  The long time residents sure seemed to know where the hot spots were but being the newbie, I resorted to a trial and error approach.  Some ventures were delightful finds, others, not so great.  Frequently, a business would open and then, disappear without warning.  So whenever I found an establishment that lived beyond the one month mark I made a note and attempted to become a loyal customer.

One business that has maintained its existence is the MCMB Cleaners.  From the first time I dropped off my dry cleaning to several years later, I have never been disappointed.  My laundry has always been delivered as promised with good results.  The staff has never lost or misplaced my order (which happened at another cleaner) and alterations were completed within a reasonable time frame.

Great Alterations

Recently, I asked to have an alteration redone.  Although the initial work was performed as requested, I changed my mind regarding the finished length of a garment.  To my surprise the tailor, Alberto, did not charge me for the extra work.  He stated that he wanted to make sure his customers were satisfied.


I have only had positive experiences with this business.  Along with the excellent service, I am always greeted by a warm and friendly staff.  The first person you encounter is Rolando.  His pleasant nature and willingness to accommodate you is not dependent on how often you drop off your cleaning.  Behind the sewing machine is Alberto, who makes a point to stop what ever he is working on and welcomes you with a big smile and “Hello.”


As the neighborhood expands newer businesses have opened their doors but I will continue to patronize MCMB Cleaners.

MCMB Cleaners

2071 Frederick Douglass Blvd.

New York, NY 10026

(212) 749-1730

Author: Icare4Harlem

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  1. I third that! I just took in 2 pairs of shorts to be altered after reading this review. They gave me a great price, it only took two days and most importantly they did an excellent job.

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