Harlem on edge but undeterred after shooting on Harlem’s Restaurant Row

The Daily News has a good story the recent shooting on what HarlemCondoLife first coined as Harlem’s Restaurant Row.

The story does a good job of balancing the facts, including the corridor’s vibrancy, on which we’ve reported for years.

We were pleased to see that many of the highlights are topics we’ve covered.

Most importantly, we are fully committed on bringing you the news on the best of Harlem.


  • “Harlem’s Frederick Douglass Blvd. is booming with luxury condos and trendy restaurants – making it all the more shocking to residents and merchants when a woman was hit by a stray bullet there last weekend.”
  • “In addition to the luxury condos and apartments, the corner of W. 116th St. and Frederick Douglass Blvd. boasts popular beer garden, Harlem Tavern and a new butcher shop, Harlem Shambles, known for offering grass fed meats.”
  • There’s even a ‘Green Cart’ on the corner that sells fresh fruits and vegetables. The stretch along Frederick Douglass Blvd. between W. 110th and W. 125th Sts. has even been referred to as ‘restaurant row’ for its selection ranging from the swanky Chocolat to Lido, an italian restaurant.”

For more read: Harlem on edge after shooting on rising block   – NY Daily News.

Author: HarlemGuy

3 thoughts on “Harlem on edge but undeterred after shooting on Harlem’s Restaurant Row

  1. Dear Harlem On Edge,

    The “Haves” have got to put some of the money they tricked out of folk residing in Harlem back into “Job Training Programs” for Our Young People. We want crime down, well put up the money to get young people trained so they can become Tax Paying Citizens as well as fathers who can support their families. When folk are desperate because they can’t support their families, we don’t know what they will do! All I know is neither of Us will sit by and let Our Children go hungry! Don’t use “stop and Frisk” to put more Young People in Jails, use give help as a cheerful giver to help resolve the problems of Young People of Color. All of them want to work for honest money, but They will work for dishonest money if Jobs are not available. What would You do to make sure YOUR Family Survives??

  2. I think Harlem is great and really a hidden secret of the City and more people should investigate all that is going on. I just read an article in last Saturday’s FINANCIAL NEWS about how HARLEM is really a big deal now to live in and the place to be..

  3. The crimes Here are from our young African brothers and sisters. We have to make a push on these find on our streets …… Stop and search is what we need. I’m a mover and I’m a born and raised southerner and the anointed ones who are in charge arnt doing enough . Oh I tweet cb rangel on a daily basis no reply ….. When will the dumb out of control black on black crime end

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