Will the new 2AM bar closing proposal hurt community businesses?

Back in December, Central Harlem’s community Board 10 proposed a plan to have local restaurants and bars close at 2 AM, 2 hours earlier than the 4 AM hour sanctioned by the State Liquor Authority. Some members cited neighborhoods like the East Village and Lower East side where abundant nightlife overflows onto the sidewalks and streets and DWI arrests have nearly tripled.

The proposal has been divisive. Some people support placing limits as a slow-down to the burgeoning amounts of late night establishments¬† and argue that it’s better to be proactive before problems arise, and others — especially business owners–worry about stunting the growth of existing, new and future businesses, and the growth of the economic development of Central Harlem as a whole.

What do you think? Should neighborhood nightlife establishments be held to 2AM closings because it preserves quality of life or does the proposal put Harlem businesses at a disadvantage? Is the explosion of local nightlife a boon or a liability to our community?

Author: tharealharlemista