Do you think Covo restaurant is in Harlem or not?

Opentable, the on line restaurant reservation system (which we love),  recently announced it’s coverage of new restaurants.  It noted Covo on 135th and 12th as being on the Upper West Side.

We thought this was a bit of a stretch.  We’ve written several times about Covo as being in Harlem.  And the New York Times thinks of it as being in Harlem as well.

We just want to make sure Harlem gets it’s due.

We’d like to know what you think – please reply to this post with your thoughts.

Author: HarlemGuy

4 thoughts on “Do you think Covo restaurant is in Harlem or not?

  1. Of course it’s Harlem. Even if it were considered anything more southern than that, the next neighborhood down is Morningside Heights. But that doesn’t work either, because “Heights” means on a hill (see: Hamliton Heights, Washington Heights) — which Covo most definitely is not.

  2. I consider classic Harlem boundaries to still be Harlem. Sure they can divide it up into smaller sections but Morningside Heights, Hamilton Heights, East Harlem, these are all part of Harlem. They only started naming sections in order to not scare away students/parents from choosing Harlem schools.

    in 1903, Harlem only had a Southern border drawn as a line, otherwise it ended at the rivers, even Inwood and Washington Heights were part of “New Harlem” this would be 5 years after New York City began to encompass the 5 boroughs and some of Westchester became The Bronx.

  3. As a “new” harlemite I am often surprised by many businesses / people who describe above 96 as upper anything. Then of course there are people who think Harlem is not part of the city.
    I am unclear as to whether it’s open table or covo that is trying to market the restaurant as uws or not…
    Great blog btw- big fan.

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