Great Write Up – Harlem’s Foodie Renaissance

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For those of you who may have missed this, here is a great write up on many of the new restaurants,  lounges and bars that have opened here in Harlem on Frederick Douglass Boulevard, Lenox Avenue and other Streets.  In reading this review Harlem’s Foodie Renaissance by David Kaufman you really see the variation of choices and how many options we now have.  Just to name a few (and ones that we have also written about and reviewed) are Cove Lounge, Corner Social, Bier International, Harlem Tavern, Harlem Food Bar, Jado Sushi, Cedric Bistro and Bad Horse Pizza.

As we have said before Harlem is a Hot Spot and has everything you need. There is really no need to go below 110th Street anymore all of your needs can be found right here in Harlem.

Support your local Harlem restaurants and businesses and continue to help them to grow and get the recognition that they deserve in articles like this.

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4 thoughts on “Great Write Up – Harlem’s Foodie Renaissance

  1. Still don’t get how a caterer replaces a chef. The food is clearly Chef Putnam’s. We have eaten there almost weekly since it has opened.Good luck Lido! You will need it.

  2. Hi Algie, I haven’t been to Lido’s in a few months or so. it has always been a favorite. I’ll have to go in this week and check it out. Thanks for sharing your information with us. Hope they will adjust and get it right.

  3. Revamped menu for Lido, I haven’t seen new food items on the menu in months! If the new chef is going to ride on the former chef’s coat tails then why hire a new chef? I would really like to see an improvement at Lido but it’s the same stuff as last year and not as good as it was last summer.

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