Jado Sushi Harlem – Menu (Update)

Jado Sushi Harlem

Since our first couple visits and reviews of Jado Sushi, we recently went back and were pleased to see that they now offer an impressive assortment of choices on their full menu.  Almost too many choices to decide between.  In addition to everything that was on the sampler pre-grand opening menu they now offer a large selection of classic dishes as well as many interesting new ones.

We spoke with the owner Nobu, and he said the middle of August had slowed down a little bit with business but they are now busy again and seem to be getting positive reviews.  We went on a Tuesday night and it was a good size crowd and the sushi bar in the back was full.  Jado is a great place for the “singles crowd” here in Harlem, who want to swing by for a solo dinner on their way home from work.  A friend to our blog says that he enjoys sitting at the Sushi bar after work located in the back once a week.  Quick, easy, satisfying, healthy and you might even meet someone!

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Favorite selections from those of us here at HarlemCondoLife:  The glazed short ribs, fried oysters and the jado chicken Small Plate starters.  The sushi medley or the  jado sushi and sashimi ensemble, a great introduction to their sushi.  The miso marinated black cod, bok choi.  One of the best black cod dishes in the city.  Their Fiji green tea to cleanse the palate.  If you have any room left for desert the tempura ice cream.  A must try.

Jado Sushi Harlem

To see Jado Sushi’s full MENU.

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6 thoughts on “Jado Sushi Harlem – Menu (Update)

  1. Thanks for your comment Norma. Surprised to hear that! Yes, Nobu definitely needs to know about this and get his staff in order. I’m glad the food was good once it finally came.. but sucks you had to wait. If I see Nobu I’ll bring it up.

  2. Bad service at Jado? 5/29/13: I was there last Wednesday with my husband and we almost left after our drinks after waiting too long for our dinner. We arrived and it took about 10 minutes for them to bring our drinks. The waiter said the delay was my husband’s drink which was non-alcoholic and I ordered a glass of wine. Our appetizers came in a timely matter but then the wait for our dinner. The waiter came over about 3 times to refill our water. We should have inquired about our dinner during the last refill of water but we didn’t. Then we couldn’t get his attention ton inquire about our dinner. We took our drinks to the bar and told them we could not longer wait. We were hungry and had waiting long enough. The manager checked and told us that they food was in the back and coming out. It seems the waiter forgot our dinner and it was sitting in the back. The meal was delicious as always however I hope Nobu reads this..

  3. We waited 15 minutes on Monday night. It seemed like a long wait for a table on a Monday in Harlem. However, I guess it is better to have a full restaurant than an empty one. Dinner was amazing and they also had a nice selection of good wines.

  4. I’ve had dinner there at least four times now since they’ve opened and it gets better each time. Tonight it was crowded and my friends and I had to wait 20 minutes for a table. it was cool though we had drinks at the bar and got a booth for dinner. It was worth the wait.

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