Jado Sushi – Quality Sushi Dinner With Wine At Home! Delivery Starts 11/12/12

What a great idea.  Fresh, quality sushi dinner coupled with a bottle of wine in the comfort of your home.

Jado Sushi in Harlem is excited to announce that they are begining a delivery service on Monday the 12th!!

Check out their website www.jadosushi.com to see the menu and delivery info.

But don’t stop there.  They can also pickup wines from The Winery for you and deliver them with the food.  Just call The Winery at 212-222-4866 to place an order. Let the sales staff know that your order should go with the food.  They will take care of the rest.  To see the selection of wines, go to www.thewineryonline.com

Jado Sushi
2118 Frederick Douglass Blvd, NYC 10026
(bet 114th St.  and 115th St.)

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6 thoughts on “Jado Sushi – Quality Sushi Dinner With Wine At Home! Delivery Starts 11/12/12

  1. They have Miso Marinated Black Cod and it is the best. It’s as good as Buddakan downtown, maybe better.

  2. Thanks for your comments everyone. I ordered delivery from Jado last night with a friend I was working with in the studio. We had a great dinner and positive experience. Ordered two starter plates (ribs & Jado chicken) and 3 sushi rolls (no wine) and it came to 45. With tip 50. Very reasonable we both thought at 25 each for fresh ‘gourmet sushi’ in your home. That would cost a fortune in the Upper East Side or Tribeca.

    To “StillHungry..”, glad you are a fan of the place. If they do not read your comment here you should call them and try ordering again. I’m sure they would like to know of your attempt to order. Next time ask for Juan (or Nobu) if you have any problems. Last night was the first night, so maybe someone was being trained on the phones. I ordered and got Juan.. no problems at all.

    (Their sushi is great, but also make sure and try the glazed short ribs appetizer. Delicious!) http://www.jadosushi.com/pdf/jado_sushi_menu.pdf

  3. I ordered take-out tonight (after reading about it on Harlem Condo Life post) and the food was good & the service was fine. no complaints.

  4. We ordered dinner and wine tonight and had a fabulous in home experience. The dinner was very good and we did not experience any of the problems “hungry4Sushi’ did.
    Definitely recommend ordering the wine with the sushi. Feels like you are ordering a room service dinner from a boutique hotel in your hotel suite with a couple bottles of wine, love it!
    Very unique not only to Harlem, but to NYC as well.

  5. Just tried ordering from Jado Sushi. As much as I am a fan of this place, I did not have a great experience. Unfortunately I got an inexperienced person on the phone taking the order. After spelling my name three times (Jones) and being put on hold twice, I was then disconnected. Whether this was accidental or on purpose, I moved on to my second choice for ordering in food tonight.

    In all fairness, this is a complete different experience then when I go in there to eat where everything has been perfect. I was a little skeptical to order in sushi, but enthusiastic to try their home delivery as they have very fresh sushi and I loved the concept that you can order wine as well as you suss dinner. They will need to work out their kinks for future delivery service.
    1) get experienced people taking your orders on the phone. People are tired, in a hurry at night. No room for amateurs. Get it together.
    2) Make sure to save/record peoples information for future orders. In this day and age you can save so much time by having information on someone come up by a last name or phone number. This can also help the inexperienced employee, by simplifying information that may be les complicated for them to process and write down.
    3) Last but not least, you have great food at Jado Sushi and your in-house service is flawless, make sure that in the future people can say this about your home delivery service as well.

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