What HarlemEatUP Means To MeWe


HarlemEatUp represented an important inflection point for the Harlem community. One that came with a variety of reactions from everyone I came across.    Reactions seemed to be of two flavors.  Some thought the event  was great.  Others felt the event was bittersweet.   However everyone agreed that the event signified that change had arrived and was here to stay.

As I reviewed my notes, photos and videos, I realized that I too have a range of feelings about what is happening.

My way of dealing with this will be to take my time posting about the event, doing so over the next several weeks or perhaps months, via HarlemCondoLife’s various social media outlets and our other web properties.

Me We

I hope you enjoy reading and viewing as much as I will enjoy writing and publishing.

Author: HarlemGuy

3 thoughts on “What HarlemEatUP Means To MeWe

  1. May I add that it is not that I cannot afford to support such an event, I choose not to . Mr. Samuelson is from a poor and underpriviledged culture so you would think such ones would be more sympathetic to the needs of the community. How quickly we forget. Small business that made harlem what it is today have been brought out by big businesses. such as MOBAY, where average working class people could enjoy an affordable evening with friends and family. I truly believe that a mixture would be nice without the new genre looking down on the black residents of Harlem.

  2. I was reluctant to support such an event because I didn’t feel that it truly represented the community nor was it affordable for many residents of Harlem. Therefore I didn’t support the event. The farmers market that once was free to children of harlem to enjoy and learn about horticultural activities on 132st is no longer free but to my understanding may require a fee which I think is disgraceful. Thankyou for allowing people to express their opinions.

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