Update On “240 Manhattan Avenue” in Harlem 1/14/2013

240 Manhattan Avenue

We have all been watching and waiting as we previously posted Construction Begins on 110th and Manhattan back in May of 2012, and now things seem to be taking off at a rapid speed.   The name of this project is 240 Manhattan Avenue (by owner: 110 Manhattan Ave Equities LLC.)

This future 22 story condominium on 110th Street and Manhattan Avenue has had a lot of activity lately and the structure is now visible from behind the fence.  After speaking with a gentleman on the listed telephone number at the construction site, he informed me that the building is still scheduled to be completed by January, 2014.

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 7.48.47 PM
A rendering of the new condo

With this prime location on West 110th and Manhattan Ave.,  240 Manhattan Avenue will provide views of both Central Park and Morningside Park.  It is located just one block away from Frederick Douglass Boulevard Harlem’s Restaurant Row.  There is also a subway entrance on the block as well as Central Market across the street, a Dry Cleaners,  Cafe Amrita and many other conveniences all within an arms reach.

Harlem Condo Life will continue to watch, wait and see if they reach their expected completion date of January, 2014.

240 Manhattan Avenue
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10 thoughts on “Update On “240 Manhattan Avenue” in Harlem 1/14/2013

  1. I am the President of the residential (non-college) condominium board of the condominium built by Artimus Construction at 352 W. 110th Street (“Cathedral Gardens Condominium”) and owned by 25 unit owners (30%) and Barnard College (70%). The Cathedral Gardens condominium boards are in litigation with Artimus Construction, having alleged multiple and serious construction defects. Our building has serious water infiltration problems. The complaint in the lawsuit alleges these problems were caused by the developer, Artimus, and/or the architect. We, as the unit owners of a building built by the same developer across the street, are enthralled watching this development, wondering about the construction materials and skilled (or not) labor being used and whether Artimus capable of building a building that can keep out the elements. If possible and this new building can keep out the rain, what happened with our building?

  2. I don’t think this will affect the light other than the building directly next to it and their windows are already boarded up. Maybe a little bit as the sun passes by in the afternoon but the building looks very thin. It’s not a massive building.

  3. What another eye sore for the residents. This monster building is in no way a representation of Harlem architecture. It’s just another place for the wealthy, no matter what anyone says. It will totally block sunlight to buildings on 111th. I have been living here for over 15 years. It irks me when people say what a great neighborhood I live in. It always was. I find it less so now with all this development.

  4. That’s great news. Thanks for the report.
    It does seem like there was a brief hold up but that now things are moving. Once the builder/developers get going it’s surprising how quickly they can finish. Just look at the massive rental building that went up next to St. Johns on Morningside Drive in a little over a year.

  5. Just passed by the site on my way to Amrita and noticed almost double the amount of workmen working there now than in your photo above. Guess what ever was holding it back now has green light.

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