One Morningside Park – 22 Stories Luxury Condominiums On 240 Manhattan Ave

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One Morningside Park (update June 2013)

One Morningside Park, which we have been following and writing about since May of 2012 when it was an empty lot formerly known as 240 Manhattan Avenue, is now growing higher and faster each day.  They now have a website, contact information and real estate brokers available to discuss the future units, ONE MORNINGSIDE PARK

One of our first photos…

And where they stand today…

Construction already on the 6th floor and starting on the 7th they are visibly working at a faster pace.  We will continue to document the progress on One Morningside Park and share new information with you as it is presented to us.  This is going to be a 22 story condiminium located on 110th Street with Central Park and Morninside park views.  Many of the higher units will in addition have outdoor space.

See our previous posts on One Morninside Park (formerly referred to as 240 Manhattan Ave) for the history of this new development.
Progress on 240 Manhattan / One Morningside Park
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Construction Begins On 110th Street

UPDATE: One Morningside Park (most recent June 2013)

24 thoughts on “One Morningside Park – 22 Stories Luxury Condominiums On 240 Manhattan Ave

  1. Anyone considering buying here should note that the building is neither in the UWS nor in Morningside Heights, but it is close to both. It is in Harlem and, although the website assiduously avoids any mention or image of the predominantly minority neighborhood this is a part of, living here will mean living in a wonderfully diverse community — racially and economically.

    It’s a shame that the people behind 1 Morningside Park seem embarrassed by the fact that the surrounding area is mostly black and latino, but I guess they hope to change that.

  2. Hi Maria, I’m thinking of putting an offer in as well. I’m quite worried about the track record of Artimus (having leakages and stuff) in their other buildings and your comments above. What was your experience afterall? Did you get comfortable in buying the apartment at the end?

  3. The Edifice is a master piece of architecture.I pass by the construction site almost everyday. I’d love to be part of the first people to move in.

  4. I have lived at the adjoining Towers on the Park for 15 years. You would get soooo much more for your money at Towers and none of the games that it seems they are playing at this new building.

  5. At the moment, there are not many buildings avalaible nor nearby or in Harlem, too. Anyone can suggest other options at a better price?

  6. The broker representing the place is pretty aggressive – they don’t accept mortgage contingencies and claim to have multiple all-cash offers for full asking. They’re effectively selling at $1600 a sf/ft. All the floor plans are on the small side for the types of apartments they are selling. You’re better off in other buildings nearby.

  7. That’s a great question. If anyone knows the answer please post here? Friends of mine moved into a middle/low income unit at 5th on the park on 120th.

  8. 1 br they have at this time starts in low 700s , high floor with balcony in 800s , 2 br with balcony 1.4

  9. Do you think they will still finish by January 2104? Great location but I’m sure they will be out of my price range.

  10. I went to look at the floor plans recently with my broker and the apartment locations and views will be pretty amazing especially starting on the higher floors. The wait list on this building was already 800+ people who pre-registered and it is my understanding they already have 12-15 contracts out out of 60+ units which will be in the building. They are releasing a few apartments at a time.

  11. be very very careful when buying from Artimus, they are ruthless and don’t care about anyone or anything. All they care about is selling at any cost, as long as it’s to their benefit. I am not surprised to see some of the comments above. The Buyer always LOSES no matter how you slice it.

  12. Any potential buyers should look very, very carefully at the offering plan, the construction materials and the level of skilled labor used. If you’re buying on specs, be especially diligent. I live in a building built by Artimus Construction, the developer, and it’s a long and sad tale of water infiltration and Local Law 11 problems that the unit owners were left to fix. The problems started right after we took occupancy. My building is in litigation against the developer. The complaint alleges construction defects, among other issues. Potential buyers should also research litigation that was, or is, pending against Artimus. Forget amenities and such, it’s sad that the bar is so low for development in Manhattan that one can’t even expect to buy into a building that can keep out the elements.
    Cathedral Gardens Condominium Non-College Board of Managers

  13. Hi Maria,

    Thanks for the updated information. Can you tell me the starting price on the one bedroom unit?


  14. I loved the building too, we got an appointment with their broker firm through our broker, after a very nice presentation offered to us by their broker, we were very certain that we’ll buy one unit for my mother and another unit for ourselves.
    We requested the offering plan along with the contract to be sent to our real estate attorney, he reviewed the offering plan and we had a long discussion about every single line, basically the put a scape way for themselves in every line of their offering plan which prohibts you from taking an action if the building is not ready till December 31, 2015 !!!!
    The 421A tax abatment is on the air and as possible owner you have to pay for the expenses of their attorney’s working to get it ( $150,000 devided among owners), they say in the offering plan they will get the 421 tax abatment for 90-95% but if they don’t you will have to pay the full tax from the beginning !!!
    You also have to pay a share as owner to buy what they call it a sponsor unit so the super can reside there !!!
    you have to pay their high attorney fee of $3500 + fee
    The transfer tax is on you !!!
    It’s not a promis that the building becomes a condo !!! they have to sell 15% or 14 units to low incomes to be qualifies for becoming a condo, if they can not then the building may turn to be a rental with only certain unit owners, and if that low income family can not pay their common charges it will be divided among owners !!!
    Above were just a few !!! so think twice before making any plan and get a good attorney to review thier offering plan and contract before commitment, beleive me it all worth it !!!!

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