New Rental Building on Manhattan Avenue

The West-most corner of Harlem north of 116th (who some call South Harlem and others call Upper West Side) will be getting little busier.   A new rental building called Susan Court appears to be ready for occupancy. Renters will become residents and will become shoppers, eaters, park goers, etc. For more information check out the web site.

Author: HarlemGuy

2 thoughts on “New Rental Building on Manhattan Avenue

  1. Benjamin, Thank you for posting a comment on our blog. There are many ways to go about renting in Harlem. Check out the NYT classifieds or on a weekend walk the streets of where you want to live in Harlem. If you see a building, walk in and see if they have rentals. Other readers may have suggestions. Also follow us on Twitter and other Twitters may have suggestions. Good luck with your search and thanks for checking us out!

  2. Hello, My wife and I are interested in renting a two bedroom apt. in harlem. We’re both employed at Columbia University. We would like very much so to move in harlem.

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