Destination Harlem TV Releases First Episode

Destination Harlem on

Destination Harlem TV released it’s first episode today.

Excellent production and thought provoking content.

Destination Harlem TV “showcases the wonderful people and places that make Harlem what it is today as well as the history that is shaping its future. Episodes will showcase several aspects of Harlem such as Dining, Nightlife, Interviews, History and Community.  Destination Harlem TV appeals to Harlem locals, New Yorker’s visiting for a meal or show, tourists on vacation (holiday) and those who are just interested and intrigued by Harlem life.”

– Destination Harlem TV


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  1. The first episode is full of really awesome info! I am so appreciative for the effort it took to pull this piece together. One critique would be to PLEASE make the audio level throughout, because that was painfully annoying. Excellent piece, and I look forward to the next episode! Thank you!

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