Mega Fruit Stand on Frederick Douglass Boulevard – Harlem

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We came across this Mega Fruit Stand on the corner of Frederick Douglass Boulevard and 116th facing Harlem Tavern late Saturday night. A group of us friends leaving tavern bought fresh fruit for juicing, for breakfast and for the week.

Huge variety and quantity. Good prices. Friendly service.

Would love to see them add a juicer and payment via Square. We hope that this stand stays throughout the summer with late hours.

(*Photoshop, antique painting)

Author: HarlemGuy

2 thoughts on “Mega Fruit Stand on Frederick Douglass Boulevard – Harlem

  1. A juicer requires an additional license; fruit vendors cannot sell any prepared food unless they have it. I’m glad he’s there; Harlemites may remember the fruit/vegetable store on the SE corner of 125th and St. Nicholas that closed in the 90’s…

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