Push Carts on FDB in Harlem

By Icare4Harlem


For quite some time only a handful of push carts were visible in the early morning.  On the NW corner of 116th and Lenox Ave., a coffee and pastry cart was based at the entrance of the subway station.  In the past two months a few more have sprung up on Frederick Douglass Blvd. and 110th and 116th.  Fruit stands are also present in these areas.  As the neighborhood grows it’s nice to see the diversity that accompanies this expansion.

Author: Icare4Harlem

2 thoughts on “Push Carts on FDB in Harlem

  1. When you start seeing Push Carts in certain spots, it means that the City is now selling those locations to the holder of Push Cart bidder.
    They just don’t show up because the location is vacant.

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