Startup The Harlem Garage to arrive in Harlem

The Harlem Garage

HarlemGarage is a business incubator located at 318 West 118th Street in the heart of West Harlem.

It will serve as a community event space and one stop shop housing local startups, small businesses, and other innovators.

“Harlem has such a strong and historically entrepreneurial spirit. HarlemGarage will be a space where today’s local businesses can develop and collaborate,” said Harlem resident Ryan Young, Community Coordinator at HarlemGarage.

Members will benefit from business enrichment workshops, networking opportunities, and a discount program offering deals to popular local establishments.

“HarlemGarage is about the advancement of Harlem small businesses through the exchange of expertise,” says Young.

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via HarlemGarage Brings Startup Culture Uptown.

Author: HarlemGuy