New Pizzeria in Harlem – Word on the street… FUEL


Looks like Harlem will be getting a new pizzeria in the same location on Harlem Restaurant Row where “Pizzeria 123” was.  Our source tells Harlem Condo Life that construction is underway and word on the street is that it will be called “Fuel”.  Sounds good.

Now with 1 Forno (great pizza and priced well on 116th Street), Bad Horse Pizza (on the pricier side but delicious) and this new place, we will have a lot of options.  As far as I’m concerned you can never have too many Pizza spots!!

Stay tuned… for more information on Custom Fuel Pizza in Harlem.

*Location: Old pizza place, on 123 rd st was Pizzeria 123. (review)


Author: harlemhouse

14 thoughts on “New Pizzeria in Harlem – Word on the street… FUEL

  1. it is so damn ridiculous the amount of great services that lower FDB is getting when Lower Lenox was actually the first to start gentrifying the whole area with the Renaissance building.. All lower Lenox has to show for itself recently is some shi shi restaurant that has got to be too expensive where you have to eat whatever the chef is cooking and a Conway that was recently painted bright pink… WTF???

  2. Anything will be better than Pizzeria 123. You never knew if you were going to get a good slice or bad at that place. Near the end it usually was bad

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