Update: Gas station on 110th and Central Park West to become apartments

bp gas station harlem As previously reported, New York City Economic Development Corporation has taken the former BP gas station in Harlem on 110th and FDB in Harlem’s SOHA for development as a mixed-use project with more than 50 apartments. Artimus Construction, the developer behind One Morningside Park, won a request-for-proposal process that began in February.

The project will be a 125,000-square-foot mixed-use project on 2040 Frederick Douglass Boulevard site.  It will include a new 8,600-square-foot space for the Harlem-based Millennium Dance Company. Most of the building will go to apartments.  Twenty percent or more must be affordable. The 8,000-square-foot retail space, will most likely house a restaurant – another addition to Harlem Restaurant Row.


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31 thoughts on “Update: Gas station on 110th and Central Park West to become apartments

  1. I certainly hope “they” live up to this affordable housing model. Each building that is constructed pushes more and more long time Harlem residents out of the area. And if not the residents themselves, their children that can’t afford the 1/2 million to purchase an apartment. I’m all for the improvement I see going on, condos, restaurants, etc. but there just needs to be some balance that’s all.

    Ps the “projects” have a minimum of a three year waiting list

  2. To rufus: There is more than enough affordable housing in Harlem.. Look at the blocks and blocks long string of projects as long as the great wall of china that extends from Lenox Ave all the way east to 1st Ave…and that is just one group of massive projects… Harlem ONLY needs market rate apartments built in order to balance out all of the generational poverty that is not going anywhere.. Only then can Harlem truly rise up into the neighborhood it is supposed to be.

  3. No surprise here, hope the development, and developers, don’t price out area residents that have supported the neighborhood for decades before it became hot and lucrative.

  4. I was under the impression that there was support for a museum to continue the concept of having ” Museum Mile” go all around the perimeter of Central Park. Note Cooper- Hewitt outpost at the ground level of the condo on 110th and Malcolm X Blvd ( Lenox, sixth Ave). There was some talk of a civil rights museum highlighting Harlem’s role in “The Movement”.

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