Gran Piatto D’Oro

by HarlemHouse

Great Italian Restaurant opened 2 months ago in the hood: Gran Piatto d’Oro.
The atmoshpere is relaxing and inviting, the service is top notch, and most importantly, the food is delicious! It is not as inexpensive as you would hope it to be, which is the only bad thing I can say about it. However, once you experience an evening dining there, you will feel that the price is worth it. I highly recommend their appetizer and entree specials but the standards, Sophia Loren Chicken Dish and Seafood Risotto, are also very tasty. The staff are eager to please and the opera music and sometimes live Pianist make for a very relaxing and comfortable dining experience.

Gran Piatto d’Oro
Located at 1429 Fifth Avenue (between 116th & 117th St.)
212 722 2161

Author: HarlemGuy

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  1. They have another location on 118th st. between 5th & Madison. But that one is smaller and has been there longer. The new location is brand new and much bigger. Both locations the food is great.

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