5 thoughts on “ModSquad Bike Shop Sign is Up in Harlem

  1. So sorry to hear about your experience with MODSquad. I have taken my diamond back there for a tune up. And the experience was fine. When went back a second time to fix a flat tire, they noticed something wrong with my back wheel. When I told them I just came for a tune up and why was that not picked up, they offered to correct it at no charge. I am picking up my bike this weekend so stay tuned.
    I know the owners and they appear to be reasonable business people. They are a couple that live in Harlem. They read this blog site so no doubt they will hear about your concern. Thanks for reading HCL and I hope your on the bike trails no matter what! I know I am!

  2. I recently took my bike for an annual tune up this spring and I was glad to find a bike shop within a couple blocks of my apartment. Unfortunately, I do not recommend this bike shop to anyone. I don’t think the owner or the people working there know anything at all about bikes. I paid $100 for a tune up and new wires for my brakes and my brakes didn’t work! They did not bother to check to see if the brake pads were touching the tire, or if the brake handles were tight. I am not really sure if they even tuned my bike up at all. When I returned with my bike hours later, they finally oiled my brakes and adjusted the brake pads to touch the tires. The manager stopped me on the way out and asked me to pay again for the job that wasn’t done the first time. Aside from the obvious reasons of being ripped off by this neighborhood shop, it failed to have the friendly neighborhood feeling I assumed it would have. I am positive the manager knows nothing about bikes. This place takes your money and does the bare minimum if anything at all. This is simply a business trying to gentrify this edge of Harlem. These guys don’t know what they are doing and are not even nice to you when they are ripping you off. Don’t bother. There are plenty of other bike shops in nyc.

  3. Hello. We are up and open for business offering new bike sales, repair, and accessories–including helmets, clothing, and kids bikes. We are an independent bike store with owners who live in the neighborhood. Stop by Dec. 12th and 13th for our Grand Opening Sale.

  4. i walked by the store the other day. Shopkeepers were busy cleaning the windows, hanging bikes on hooks on the walls, etc.

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