More room for dining at Harlem’s Lolita’s


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Not too long ago, I was craving tostadas and Mexican corn on the cob so I headed to Lolita’s on Lenox Avenue and 113th Street. When I went in I noticed the place was full since the only area to sit is in a narrow space you see right when you walk in or you can sit outside when the whether is nice. However, this time when I went there to dine the host turned far left and said “you can sit here,” which was in an entire different area! I had never gone beyond the narrow area. Apparently, Lolita’s took over some of the space next door (or was hiding it) and now there is una gran sala to eat! Que suave and congrats to Lolita’s on their expansion! After being open for nearly two years, I would say that is nice progress for Lolita’s.
If you like Mexican food for a reasonable price, head on over to Lolita’s with your BYOB or try one of their Jaritos! Enjoy!

Lolita’s Restaurant
100 West 113 Street, New York, NY 10026-3013
(212) 222-6969

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4 thoughts on “More room for dining at Harlem’s Lolita’s

  1. @Sid. Thanks for the additional info on Lolita’s and for the recommendation on further up in Harlem, ie Acapulco Caliente. I too am of Mexican descent (soy mexicana!) and I am always looking for good Mexican food to eat. Of course nothing can compare to my mother’s cooking, but I am always up for trying Mexican food. I will check that place out soon. Thank you, thank you for the tip. Un grande gracias!

  2. I love this place. When I was working on 116th St it was a mainstay for me at lunch time. I have Mexican heritage (among a million other things) and my family takes this cuisine pretty seriously, so for what it’s worth my recommendation has some ethnic cred. I recommend the Sopes when they have them. Also, if you’re up North, try Acapulco Caliente on Broadway between 143rd and 144th on the East Side of the street. Very good also. They just added Sopes to the menu as well – a muy autentico Mexican recipe that until recently was not in evidence on the menus of East Coast restaurants.

  3. Your welcome! The other dishes I recommend are the three soft tacos and guacamole and chips. Those are the items I trade off all the time with the tostadas and corn on the cob . My significant other loves the red chile enchiladas or he will always gets the combination plate. It’s perfect for a person with a hardy appetite!

  4. This looks great thanks for the tip
    I will go check it out. Anything else you would recommend in addition to the tostadas?

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