Get ready for Restaurant Week and Dine Out For Haiti

By HarlemGuy

Foodies celebrate!!!  Two great events kick off this week.  NYC Restaurant Week and Dine Out For Harlem.

Restaurant Week is upon us.   I would love to see Harlem restaurants participating, as I’ve previously mentioned on HarlemCondoLife.  Perhaps what’s needed is Restaurant Week: Uptown.  Or perhaps something uniquely local.  After all this is Harlem.  In any event, contact the City, the restaurants,  local entrepreneurs, and let them know your thoughts and let us know how we can help.

More importantly THIS SUNDAY select restaurants nationwide are participating in Dine Out For Haiti.  Ten percent of the proceeds will go to charity.  This is fantastic no matter what.  But again it would be great to see Harlem restaurants on the list.  So again, contact the event organizer, your local favorite restaurants, local entrepreneurs, and let them know you’d welcome their participation, and keep us posted on your thoughts and progress.

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1 thought on “Get ready for Restaurant Week and Dine Out For Haiti

  1. For most of us the only way to contribute to Haitian relief is by donations to charitible organizations.

    However, what’s charitably given isn’t always charitably distributed.

    I only suggest that if you do, take time to consider how your money will actually be used to help. Large organiztions like the Red Cross may seem reliable, but actually have a pattern of diverting many millions of dollars given for a specific cause to general funds and administrative or unrelated programs.

    The best bet is organizations that had a significant presense in Haiti prior to the earthquake.

    Project MediShare’s sole purpose is to improve the health and well-being of the Haitian people:

    Doctors without Borders has been operating clinics in Haiti for years and erected an inflatable surgical hospital yeaterdy in Port-au-Prince:

    There’s others if you look.


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