Atomic Wings coming soon to Harlem

Atomic Wings will be opening a new outlet by year end @ 113th and 8th Avenue across the street from Melbas. 

Those of you who have lived or visited the southwestern-most corner of Harlem – known as the corridor to Harlem – will recall a few different business have occupied this space, from a Diner, which I loved to a more upscale African restaurant. 

 The latest occupant is Atomic Wings. 

As of last week the windows were still papered up.  But this week, I noticed a new large orange awning (orange seems to be the colour du jour in this little corner of Harlem, which includes Frederick Douglass Boulevard (aka 8th ave aka CPW above W. 110th) from 110th to 116th streets.

Atomic Wings joins a few other similar recently opened establishments in Harlem. 

Stay tuned for more on these and other eateries. 
In the meantime, please join us in welcoming them to the neighborhood, sample the fare, and post a comment to let us and our readers know the deal – all on 


Author: HarlemGuy

6 thoughts on “Atomic Wings coming soon to Harlem

  1. they are finally open and the food is great. the service is good. and the bathroom is clean. what more can you ask for. Yeah Atomic Wings!!!

  2. I am thoroughly disappointed. Do we really need another chicken wing place in the neighborhood?

    How about something healthy and I don’t mean Dunkin Donuts, or Subway.

  3. Update: I was just passing by Atomic Wings last night and got talking with the owner and he said it will be opening Tuesday November 25th. Great addition to the hood!

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