Downtown Dines Uptown


By Harlemista

The fabulous Doyen of Downtown Celebrity Gossip, Michael Musto, was seen enjoying a casual dinner with friends at MOJO Harlem on  Superbowl Sunday (see our review).  Also recently reported mega-celeb Lady GaGa had been there soaking up the sexy vibe the week before. Cool people are finally coming above 14th St. Uptown is truly down.


4 thoughts on “Downtown Dines Uptown

  1. After seeing this wonderful post, we need some coolness before the big blizzard. We are heading to MOJOs tonight for some grub! The food there is delicious!

  2. Its good to see Celebs coming uptown spending money & supporting Harlem businesses whether famous or not. No doubt… Harlem has been & always will be cool.

  3. I’m glad to hear that MOJO has a diverse clientele but would like to emphasize that Harlem and its people have been COOL way before this recent wave of regentrification and before Musto and Gaga (who I love) decided to venture Uptown.

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