QUESTAN’S Harlem “Live, love, laugh”

By HarlemHouse

Questan’s, which just opened last summer… is jumpin! Finally dined there last Monday night and had a great time.  There is more going on than meets the eye if you are just walking by the front of the place.  As you come in on your right there is a takeout section. Since they are conveniently opened until 2 and 3am throughout the week this is good to have. See Express menu they have a large Seafood selection for takeout.  Through the main entrance after walking down a short hall you approach tables on the left, a very large full bar on the right and a DJ booth elevated on the back wall.  There is a live DJ every night.  The bar has two flat screen TV’s overhead.  Great if a game is on and you want to watch it muted while listening to tunes and talking with friends.  It was a little chaotic the night I was there which is a good thing for a Monday night.  The weekends must get packed.  We sat at the corner table and had drinks and dinner.  Good drinks and generously poured.  You could easily just go there to chill at the bar with an appetizer or two if all the tables are full.  To begin with we enjoyed the Jalapeno Cornbread.  Then for starters had the Fried Calamari, Lobster & Shrimp Spring Rolls & the Lobster Bisque soup.  All were good but the Lobster & Shrimp Spring Rolls were phenomenal.  Dinner was very good.  Only two of us had entrees the Grilled Shrimp with Spinach & the Broiled Scallops with Homemade French Fries.  Both the Shrimp and Scallops were fresh and delicious and the Homemade French Fries were perfect.  Its a very large menu to choose from especially considering the size of the space. Im heading back again to try something different next week.  Doris Wade (Dee), the owner, wasn’t there the night I was but the charming Mekkie, (bartender/hostess/waitress) waited on us and the service was excellent.  DJ Huggie was spinning a great selection of HipHop and R&B keeping the vibe good.  it’s one of those spots that when your finished eating dinner you want to stay longer and just hang out.  Good crowd, good food, good music and good drinks.  Dee mentioned to me that she is working out a House Music night for either Thursday or Sunday nights in the near future.  Stay tuned I’ll keep you posted when it’s definite.

Im happy to see how successful Questan’s is.  The front of the Restaurant says “Live, love & laugh” with a message like that how can you not be successful. Definitely left me wanting to go back for more.  Another great addition to Harlem.

Take advantage of “Eat Shop Play HARLEM this month for Restaurant & Retail.  Questan’s is one of the Restaurants included on this list which offers a Prix Fixe menu for $20.10 from February 15, 2010 – March 15, 2010.  *Questan’s also delivers.


2113 Frederick Douglass Blvd.

Between 114th & 115th

New York, NY 10026


Hours open Mon-Wed 11AM-2AM, Thurs-Sat 11AM-3AM, Sun 11Am-10PM

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Questan’s is officially open

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7 thoughts on “QUESTAN’S Harlem “Live, love, laugh”

  1. I agree with you, that place is ghetto rowdy and they always have some shady ass characters hanging out in the front. The service sucks anyways. Don’t give that ratchet-ass place any business!

  2. i live above this restaurant and every night there are drug dealers hanging out in front, loud yelling and fights until 3am. the owners must be getting a piece of the drug action or they would not want these people hanging out in front all night long, every night. I am black and born and bred in Harlem and I hate this place. I wish it would close for good. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THEM BUSINESS.

  3. We had reservations on Valentine’s Day made a month in advance through However, we waited 20-30 minutes to be seated when there were empty tables right in front of us. Everyone was at the bar seated and the music was so loud that it made us feel like we were at a club which is not the kind of ambiance we wanted for a romantic evening. After, seated it took them 20 minutes to finally start servicing us and after another 10 minutes we finally got some small ass corn-bread. After another 20 minutes we got our wine and water and she took our order. I was absolutely starving by that point so we ordered food that doesn’t take long to prepare. I had the baby spinach salad with grilled chicken and he had the chicken Alfredo. At home I could make both in about 15 minutes but for some reason it took them 45 minutes. When ever we asked the waitress about our food she replied with a goofy, “Oh Yeah” so unprofessional. Any how when we did get our food, I’d have to say that it really was good but a little on the salty side (but we are talking about a black seafood restaurant sooo…). The wine was horrible I don’t even know the year but it tasted cheap as hell. And to top our whole night off, we were over-charged by $80 even though he had paid online for both our meals and the 10 dollar gratuity which was was over-priced for a long-wait and water service the waitress provided. I believe we did not get treated like the other customers because we were younger than their usual crowd and they thought they could “get over on us.” I dont like this place at all and I think it’s stupid to have a loud bar with blasting music right in front of the tables where couples just want to talk and eat. NOT RECOMMENDED for dates!!!

    Liked: Food
    Disliked: Service, Atmosphere, Value

  4. Great food, great staff i went with a couple of freind the other day and had a great time i had the freid shrimp and chips it was deliciouse when me and my freinds left i forgot my bag there i went back the next day and sure enough one of the employees recognized me and had put my bag to the side I would definitlty recomend this place, two thumbs up to questans.

  5. Last night ordered take out from Questan’s…spinich, pear, blue cheese & walnut salad with grilled scallops & herb potatoes- and my friend had the broiled salmon w/ jalapeno cornbread & string beans. We kept saying how delicious it was! Decided to post about it as a Reminder that Questans delivers until 10pm & take-out until 2am when you have a summer seafood craving. Nice to see tis place is doing so well!

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