Absentee Landlord Threatens to Fence Off Harlem Community Garden

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 The community garden on West 122nd Street, between Seventh and Eight avenues, has been on the block since 1985. Now the owner of half of the garden, is threatening to fence off his property. The Joseph Daniel Wilson Memorial Garden View Full Caption

HARLEM — The absentee landlord of two vacant lots on West 122nd Street wants to boot a 30-year-old community garden to cash in on the neighborhood’s booming real estate market.

Three weeks ago, gardeners who spent years turning the abandoned, rat-infested lots into a bustling community garden were abruptly told to clear out.

“Plans are being made to enclose our client’s properties with a ten-foot fence around each lot,” read a letter signed by the owner’s lawyer, Kerry John Katsorhis, to the gardeners. “Demand is herein made for you to vacate both lots immediately.”

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