More Red Rooster details surface

By HarlemGal for HarlemCondoLife

NY Magazine caught up with Marcus Samuelsson recently and asked him about Red Rooster, his new upcoming Harlem restaurant. According to the article, the Red Rooster menu will be a giant melting pot of diverse cuisine – a true representation of Harlem. ¬†Yum! Can’t wait!

My question now is, will Samuelsson open up Red Rooster on Frederick Douglass Blvd? If so, I believe the opening of Red Rooster on FDB could potentially validate my prediction that this busy, “gold coast,” boulevard will become Harlem’s restaurant row? Start placing your bets folks!

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8 thoughts on “More Red Rooster details surface

  1. Red Rooster turned us around at the door. It was a party for the new representation of Harlem. We were told to return after Thanksgiving. Of course….NEVER! Dougie’s Chicken Waffle was a great choice best macaroni and cheese I have tasted in quite some time.

  2. Thank you for sharing! I just received an alert about the news on my smartphone as well. Not in a position to post on HCL right now. Hopefully readers are seeing this exchange. Again, thank you, thank you for the info!

  3. Dear Ronringo,
    Thank you for your comments regarding One Bar. If we hear of any new developments about One Bar, we will be sure to pass it along to our readers.


  4. Dear Harlem Gal,

    I’m sure there are a number of folks out there curious to know what happened to One Bar that was supposed to open on 120th & Lenox?
    Please let us know if have any info on that place?

    Thank you…

  5. I’m fairly new to the neighborhood and very much appreciative of this blog and all the information you share with us. Love Harlem…
    I noticed there is a sign that a restaurant is opening up on Lenox Blvd between 126th and 127th street. Does any one know anything about it?

  6. Great to hear that Red Rooster Harlem is coming and will hopefully be a healthyoption.
    Major media has picked up on Red Rooster and will continue provide much needed attention however I am suggesting that you also provide significant support for our present Harlem restaurants. They need our help.

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