Chinese Restaurant on FDB between 116th and 117th

By HarlemHouse

This Photo and info just sent in to us at HCL by a reader.  I quote:

“The shuffle of businesses continues on the east side of FDB between 116 and 117! Looks like a Chinese restaurant is slated to fill the spot left by the dry cleaner’s move to the ex-Winery location.”

Stay tuned for more information as it develops.

Thank you for the tip!


Author: harlemhouse

7 thoughts on “Chinese Restaurant on FDB between 116th and 117th

  1. I agree with Joe. Would love a Thai restaurant here in the nabe so I don’t have to trek Thai Market.

  2. A Wendy’s is slated to upon right next to the half demolished Corn Exchange building on 125th Street & Park Avenue.

  3. When will the Thai restaurants that have multiplied from Hell’s Kitchen up the Upper West Side and into Morningside Heights finally make an appearance in Harlem?

  4. Wendy’s – Taco Bell??? What R you thinking?? LOL
    Seriously, I heard a Wendy’s will be opening on 125th St. I don’t know exactly where but it will be within our area.

  5. If it’s good, this would be really nice.
    We are getting quite a line-up of great places to eat on FDB. I wonder what’s happening with the restaurant between112th/113th. Tables & chairs are in – but nothing much is going on there.

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