Bike Harlem!

By HarlemGuy

If your’e anything like me you love to  cycle.    Now’s a great time to get in touch with an important resource.  The Department of Transportation’s web site. 

I includes any and everything you need.  Including street scene live cams (Harlem based cams), maps, parking resources, even applications to request that commercial building owners let you park your bike on site!  Check this and more out at their site. 

Also remember that once a Summer NYC gives out free helmets – I got mine last year!  Looks stylish and offers great protection too.

Also perhaps most importantly, don’t forget that if you happen to be biking in Harlem please stop by the bikeshop Modsquad.

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Author: HarlemGuy

3 thoughts on “Bike Harlem!

  1. Funny you posted this yesterday – my friend from out of town and I rented bikes from Mod Squad just yesterday and biked around allll day. Such a perfect way to see the city.

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