Now is the time to buy in Harlem

As I started my Sunday routines it occurred to me that now is a great time to buy in Harlem – as many past, present and future posts in this blog will attest.

  • Prices have remained firm.
  • Businesses continue to invest in the neighborhood.
  • A steady influx of people continue to arrive and yet it is never packed.
  • There are plenty of parks, cultural institutions, entertainment options, and restaurants.
  • Harlem is featured regularly in the press as reported in HarlemCondoLife: NYT, Voice, etc.
  • The seesaws in the stock market indicate it is looking for and finding a bottom.
  • Experts like Warren Buffett are saying so and buying.
  • Banks are lending to each other again.
  • A¬†momentous election is on the horizon and elections are generally good for the economy.
  • Wall street¬†banks are expected to pay out bonuses this year – which always helps the market.

Shake the blues – come join us in Harlem!

Author: HarlemGuy

5 thoughts on “Now is the time to buy in Harlem

  1. There are many fha approved condos in Harlem. A qualified first time home buyer may buy with very little down (3-10%). With the $8,000 tax credit its a great investment. Mortgage interest is still tax deductable.I can email you a list of these condos.

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