Target set to open in East Harlem

By HarlemGal for HarlemCondoLife
The last Sunday of July 2010 is the day Target, a major consumer good store in the U.S., is opening it’s ba-gillionth location in East Harlem in the East River Plaza, which sits at the far east end of East 116th Street. The exact date is July 25th according to this sign being hung up today at the 116th subway stop of the B/C line.
Together with Target opening soon and Costco and Best Buy already operational, the only shops left to open are Marshalls, Old Navy and Pet Smart. Did I leave anyone out?
To date, we have shopped at Costco in East Harlem. We have gone to Costco mainly for bulk paper goods. We find Costco useful for this type of goods cause we experience long term savings and these are the only items we are passionate about in making room in the apartment, but not much else. We don’t have the room.
As for Target, I am looking forward to shopping there! I really like their clothes. They have cute stuff for women! And there kitchen ware is not bad either. I generally like to buy Calphalon at Target. It’s much less there than at places, such as William Sonoma.
Amid Target opening in East Harlem soon, there is really no reason to head to the outer boroughs to shop. I believe we have all that we need right here in Harlem!

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8 thoughts on “Target set to open in East Harlem

  1. I agree, lets do something about this.


    Attending my event taking place in Harlem where I am from 7/31 to advertise your business would make a change. Lets meet, greet and connect! For additional details please visit:

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  2. @ Jeffery… Yeah the mom and pops stores are closing but with these stores like costco, best buy, bobs furniture, target, marshalls, old navy and pet smart opening it created a lot more jobs for the people in that community that were unemployed. It’s sad that some of the stores have to close down but there’s is always a positive to a negative. Hope the hotel deal doesn’t make it. I would love the idea of a wal-mart on 125th & lenox. Stop being a hater… If you don’t like it… Move out the city and into a small town where mom & pops stores will live forever. Cry Baby!

  3. @Jeffery. Thank you for visiting HCL. I understand a bit of your frustration. Big business is taking over America and the little guy is getting squashed! I hear ya! This site blogs about positive experiences in Harlem with both big and small businesses. That’s our endorsement. In fact, bloggers on HCL live in Harlem either by renting or owning and most of us shop, dine and get our entertainment right here in Harlem at all different types of venues. I hope you can say the same? So in closing, please don’t point the finger at us as being the bad guy in blogging about Target. We are sharing what we see and experience in Harlem both big and small! Again, thanks for checking out HCL!

  4. Jeffrey,

    I would venture to guess that most folks who check this blog do so for updates on new developments in the area, rather than social commentary.

    Of course, I could be wrong. Perhaps we should all get together and stage a sit-in at the East River Plaza parking garage, complete with guerrilla art and readings from Naomi Klein and Adbusters?

    Then again, if I were so thoroughly impressed with my own sense of “authenticity,” unmoored as it were from any appreciation of historical or economic context, or so devoid of any degree of critical analysis beyond a reflexive contrarianism and shallow rejection of authority — I would probably move to Brooklyn to be more fully situated within my comfort zone.



  5. What this blog fails to discuss or point out time and time again is the number of mom and pop shops that have already closed and the hundreds that will because of America’s suburban box-shops and corprate giants leveling and bleaching this City.

    Let me guess: Wal-Mart for the vacant lot at 125th and Lenox if the hotel deal falls through?!

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