Atomic Wings No More?

By HarlemGuy

A recent stroll down Frederick Douglass Boulevard led to the surprising news about a favorite local late night snacking spot of mine.

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img 1851
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Author: HarlemGuy

5 thoughts on “Atomic Wings No More?

  1. The service was slipping here… just as well. Whats up with this corner is it jinxed?? Everything that goes in there seems to fold shortly after opening.
    I hope a 24 hour coffee shop / Deli goes in next.
    @ T Hugger I disagree.. a post/blog is to post info and generate conversation. H Guy thanks for informing us.

  2. hmm….”lazy blogging” ? Ok so that is one opinion.

    And here’s another, thanks Harlem guy and all the bloggers on this site for taking time out of your day to let your neighbors know some of the happenings in our community. Your time and effort is welcome and appreciated.

  3. That place had horrible service. The neighborhood is stepping it’s game up by doing this.

  4. Lazy thinking….most people know what “seized” means. If not, look it up.
    Can’t say I’m surprised the property was forcibly taken (that’s for you, treehugger). The service was terrible. Because of that, I stopped going awhile ago. Too bad.

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