Reading Is Fundamental – Do It Today!

By HarlemGuy

As a  NYT piece reiterates what those of us old enough to remember fondly as “RIF” remains alive and well:  Reading Is Fundamental.

Study excerpt:

“Then the researchers, led by Richard Allington of the University of Tennessee, looked at those students’ test scores. They found that the students who brought the books home had significantly higher reading scores than other students. These students were less affected by the “summer slide” — the decline that especially afflicts lower-income students during the vacation months. In fact, just having those 12 books seemed to have as much positive effect as attending summer school.

This study, along with many others, illustrates the tremendous power of books. We already knew, from research in 27 countries, that kids who grow up in a home with 500 books stay in school longer and do better. This new study suggests that introducing books into homes that may not have them also produces significant educational gains.”

With that in mind we encourage everyone to utilize Harlem resources to their advantage.

Borrow from your local library or buy from your local bookstores.

Do you have a favorite place to browse or way share or item to read? Let us know! Respond to this post!


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Author: HarlemGuy