Lenox Avenue corner in Harlem becoming a pharmacy?

Has anyone noticed the construction taking place on the southwest corner of Lenox Avenue and 116th Street? This was another interesting tidbit I stumbled across over the weekend, however, not as interesting to date as the sales rep at 2280 FDB talking about Busboys and Poets moving into their space.
The sign says it’s becoming a pharmacy. Does anyone know if it’s going to be a locally owned pharmacy or one of those mammoth businesses, such as a CVS or Walgreens? It had all those stapled notices on the plywood, but I don’t know how to read or interpret all those legal fliers. Does anyone know what’s up? Diganos!

Author: Harlem Condo Life

3 thoughts on “Lenox Avenue corner in Harlem becoming a pharmacy?

  1. The more good clean things we have the better so if it looks good and is run well, we should all go there.

  2. The space looks a little small for a big chain pharmacy. CVS or Duane Reade would have their logo on the plywood if it was one of theirs (there is already a CVS on the opposite corner).

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