Harlem Flo potentially 2280 FBD bound

By HarlemGal for HarlemCondoLife

I’ve received comments on and offline about the florist/flower shop I referenced, in my exclusive blog post on ‘Busboys and Poets plan to expand into Harlem,’ asking: which florist was I talking about?  Some of you guessed it right off the top! I was referring to Harlem Flo, a local business HarlemHouse introduced to HCL readers back in 2008. It’s a cute flower and plant shop located at  2292 Frederick Douglass Boulevard-not too far from the place their eyeing as their next home, the 2280 FDB condo building. When you ask the staff at Harlem Flo, they tell customers they’re working on it, but nothing is a done deal.

If you walk into the Frederick Douglass florist, you will see it is a small space and more square footage is needed. They have a nice selection of plants and flowers. However, they’re sort of cramped in there and it’s hard to move around without feeling like you might knock something over. As one of our reader states, they hope “it is Harlem Flo [moving to 2280 FDB] saying two florists so close together would not be ideal.”

So if all works out, the commercial space at 2280 FDB, which runs from 122nd to 123rd Street on the eastside of the boulevard, will have two distinct businesses, Busboys and Poets and Harlem Flo!

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6 thoughts on “Harlem Flo potentially 2280 FBD bound

  1. I was just in there today hoping that I could see the work of an Artist that they had up for the Harlem ArtWalk – I got lucky. He was still up. I went in to see his Cuba Series but was blown away by his Abstracts. This guy has 2 different wonderful worlds coming out of him. I hope you get to see his work before it comes down.
    As for 2 Harlem Flo’s – That’s wonderful news.

  2. harlemgal (I still dont know who exactly you are) LOL
    Me and several other Harlemites love the updates on the local blogs.
    We love to get input to keep our store interesting for customers, adjust
    selection, interesting merchandsise and other services.

  3. As one of the owner of Harlem Flo I have to correct some of the information.
    We were originally thinking of moving the existing store, but decided to stay but open another store in the space previously used as Sales office for FDB2280 which will broaden our selection and offer a variety of services to the community later this year – we will keep you posted.
    We are hoping the community will like it and support it as much as they did with our Florist.

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