A reversal on BBQing in Morningside Park

By HarlemGuy

What a difference a summer makes.

As our readers know our recent posts on BBQing in Morningside Park have generated copious comments. It all started with a post referencing the sign below regarding BBQ areas in the Morningside Park.

Yesterday I went riding in the Park and noticed the old signs were gone and new signs were up prohibiting BBQing. We’ve vacilitated from on extreme to another. Surely the collective “we” can do better than that.

Once again we encourage our readers to present creative ideas for solving problems raised in a way that is mutually beneficial for the community as a whole.



In the meantime this is a gentle reminder / public service announcement:

Please let’s all remember to feed the Big Belly Solar Powered trash compactors (and associated trash receptacles) after feeding ourselves (smiley face).

Author: HarlemGuy

2 thoughts on “A reversal on BBQing in Morningside Park

  1. We always thought that bbq-ing in the park would be a fun idea and didn’t understand why some people were so against it. Then we took a cab home one night from a friend’s apt, and got to experience the “night life” of Morningside Park in all it’s bbq-ing glory. It made us glad to live a little farther east of the park.

  2. Actually, the no BBQing signs are just on the area near the pond, where BBQing was never allowed. People just didn’t listen, and I guess they felt adding signs would do the job (it hasn’t, I think people still BBQ there).

    BBQing is only technically allowed in certain areas. Between the the entrances at 113th and 116th, and another area north of 119th St. (roughly, I don’t remember exactly, but these areas are marked in the map in your first picture … as they always have been).

    BBQing is not allowed in all the park, just in these particular areas. But try to tell that to people who don’t care enough to even keep the place clean.

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